• The dress code on the course shall be normal smart golfing attire
  • Shirts must have sleeves and collars, except that those collarless or sleeveless shirts designed specifically for golf may be worn on the course.

  • Tailored shorts may be worn with either long socks or predominantly white sport socks.

  • If trainer socks are worn, they must be visible above the shoe line.

  • Proper golf shoes must be worn at all times on the golf course.

  • The golf course includes all practice facilities.


The following are not allowed on the course at any time

    • Sport and untailored shorts
    • Cargo shorts, or shorts with pockets on the side, except those specifically designed for golf.
    • Denim
    • Tracksuits, leisure suits and beach ware.
    • Leggings
    • Ski pants
    • “T” shirts
    • Trainers or sports shoes
    • Shirts worn outside trousers (unless the shirt is specifically designed to be worn outside)
    • Trousers tucked into socks.


Dress Code in the Lounge Bar & Restaurant

    • There is a strict dress code in these areas
    • Normal smart, dry and clean golf attire may be worn up to 7.00pm
    • After 7.00pm, gentlemen must wear a jacket with a tie, cravat or roll neck jumper.
    • The dress code may be relaxed for Social Events, when attire shall be “smart casual”. This may include smart jeans, i.e. clean and not ripped.
    • “Dress” sandals may be worn, but no beach sandals.
    • Any other relaxation in the dress code is the responsibility of the Club Captain, or in his absence the Steward, who at their discretion may allow jackets and/or ties to be removed in hot weather.
    • Golf shoes must not be worn in these areas.


Dress Code in the Stud Bar and Patio 

    • Clean, smart casual attire, including smart jeans, may be worn at any time.
    • Clean golf shoes may be worn in the Stud Bar, at the discretion of the Licensor.
    • The above applies to the patio area.


If in doubt, please speak to the Club Secretary.


Mobile Phones

    • Mobile phones must be set to silent on the Course and in/around the clubhouse.

      Phone calls must not be made or taken on the Course or in/around the clubhouse, except in an emergency. Calls may be made or taken in the car park.